Heavy Duty Piston Pump Manufacturing Base
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InLine Hydraulik is the inventor of the piston pump torque controller. InLine always aims at promote the piston pump development through innovation.
The company dates back to 1901 and was engaged in the manufacture of engine cylinders. The design and manufacture of hydraulic pumps and valves began in the 1950s, with a factory building area of 8,500 square meters. In 2015, Hengli acquired HAWE InLine Hydraulics.
InLine piston pump has excellent efficiency, robust and reliable design, the option of various combinations of the controllers can meet the application requirements of high pressure, high power and high speed for marine engineering, construction machinery, shield tunneling equipment, municipal vehicles, agricultural machinery and other fields.
Key product:
High pressure heavy load piston pump
Annual capacity:
20,000 heavy duty piston pumps

InLine Hydraulik
InLine HydraulikInLine Hydraulik