Industrial Valve Manufacturing Base
Source: Hengli Time: 2017-10-28 Read:2030

Founded in 1967, Lixin Hydraulic Co., Ltd. is one of China’s earliest hydraulic component and system manufacturers. In 2012, Hengli acquired LIXIN Hydraulic and provide financial support for R&D and machining equipment update, sales network improvement, which brings a faster and comprehensive development to LIXIN Hydraulic.
In the 1980s, advanced hydraulic technology from Germany was introduced to SHLIXIN. Through independent innovation and research, Lixin has been developing and manufacturing standard industrial hydraulic valves and customized integrated hydraulic systems in the three main categories of pressure, flow and direction. Among them, high-precision servo and proportional valves have high precision and excellent performance. Designed for high pressure machinery equipment, LIXIN products are widely used for injection molding machines, die-casting machines, metallurgy, marine engineering equipment, wind power, cement equipment, which requires high speed and precision.
Key products:
Pressure, flow, direction, proportional, servo industrial valve, customized valve and manifold.
Annual capacity:
500,000 industrial valves of various types.  

Lixin Hydraulic
Lixin Hydraulic
Lixin Hydraulic