Innovation-driven social development

Win trust with technical innovation, gain long-term development with outstanding quality

Aiming to be a trustworthy and respected company, we will continue to go after the strategic goal of “the number one world-oriented and industry-leading integrated hydraulic system service provider”, undertake the mission of “focus on customer demand and create value for customers in the hydraulic industry, shareholders, employees and the society” and build a centennial business.

Amid the fast growing global economy in the past 20 years, Hengli has been benefiting from opening-up and reform, and from our insistence on learning and innovation in practice.

Manufacturing excellent products is what Hengli does and what Hengli is good at. In the journey of achieving its vision, Hengli hopes to build a stage for employees to give play to their talents and realize their dreams.

Customer Satisfaction: Identify customer demand, create value for customers, respect and care about customers.

Reward Innovation: Maintain our strength with continuous innovation.

Respect for Individuals: honest communication, fair treatment, mutual trust, mutual support, and a comfortable, safe working environment for the employees.

Talent Training: Employ and train the best talents, learn, grow and challenge ourselves continuously for common achievements.


Realisecustomer needs and bring them value,
respect and care for customers


Build a bridge of communication with trust to  
make employees feel at ease and win-win with customers


Keep product advantages with continuous innovation,
market advantage, enterprise advantage.


To appoint and train excellent talents, to keep learning,
Keep growing, constantly challenge ourselves and create good results together