Hengli Casting
Source: Hengli Time: 2017-10-28 Read:2711

To meet the quality and capacity demand of castings for highpressure oil cylinders and hydraulic pumps and valves, Hengli Casting Business Unit was established in 2012. Completed and put into production in December 2012, Hengli Casting Plant has introduced advanced smelting, founding, core making, online inspection and robot burring equipment from Germany, and is now capable of manufacturing 25,000 tons of various high precision castings a year.
Hengli Casting has been staffed with a R&D and manufacturing team composed of German and Japanese experts to manage production processes. Through independent research and development, Hengli Casting has made key breakthroughs in the research of high precision casting technologies, and mastered internationally leading core casting technologies like molten iron refining, sand core refining, digital casting process analysis and green sand molding. These technologies have laid a solid foundation for Hengli to rise as a world-class hydraulic component manufacturer.
Product Range:
High precision castings
Annual capacity: 75,000 ton castings.