Hengli actively supports Jinghua and Great Wall shield machines presentation
Source: Hengli Time: 2020-10-06 Read:1494

Just recently, the 2 super-large diameter shield machines, Jinghua and Great Wall were presented to the public, showing the Chinese manufacturing capability of super-large diameter shield machines with cutter diameters up to 16 meters.  

Relying on the leading shield machinery development technology and expertise, Hengli Hydraulic has provided 52 series, 287 cylinders in total for the Jinghua shield machine and 24 series consisting more than 200 cylinders for Great Wall shield machine. In addition, Hengli Hydraulic is involved in providing comprehensive service as the supporting hydraulic components to the Great Wall shield machine. Devoted to innovative hydraulic solutions, Hengli is always ready to support the development of the steel giant and actively promoting the transformation from manufacturing giant to powerhouse of TBM and shield machinery technology.