Dedicated to innovation, Hengli brings you more surprise
Source: Hengli Time: 2020-12-25 Read:2353

Snowflakes are falling down jingle bells prevailing in the air Christmas is coming around through the snow and cold The coming of Christmas means that 2020 is coming to an end Hengli never stops innovation and development despite the tough days in 2020. We remain true to our original aspiration and want to present products whole-heartedly to meet your requirements. Now let's take a brief look at the new developed products in 2020.  


Brand new digitalization pump Dedicated for continuous heavy duty operation Over 70 years of expertise from InLine Hydraulic in heavy duty piston pump R&D and manufacturing Decade of rich application experience and advanced technology of V30D and V30E series. 


Variable axial piston double pump design for the open circuit Continuous rated working pressure up to 420 bar Various controllers and high volumetric efficiency Optional impeller or power take-off (PTO) for various working conditions. 


Sandwich plate design up to 12 sections configuration Pre-compensated, load pressure-independent flow distribution With spool position sensor and controller integrated inside to realize position closed circuit control-CANBUS control Explosion-proof options available.  


Low friction coefficient High output torque Long service life Customization service Ultimately guarantees a safe, reliable and efficient working of the aerial working platform. 


High accuracy and safety Convenient and flexible operation Optimized mechanical adjustment Low maintenance requirment, long service life Exploring more…  

Thank you for as always support in 2020 We wish to accompany your development in 2021 with our innovative products and together we make more success and achievement.